Broken Reflections

Stare into it and tell me what you see? Smile, do you see that smile or can you look beyond those shadows ? Laugh,do you see that laugh or that evil mocking? Cry, do you see those tears or your soul wailing? What is it that you see? A beautiful face or the ugly soul... Continue Reading →


Why did’nt you fight for me?

In a loop of infinity Runs those thoughts of you and me Hand in hand walking by the lake I gave up fighting when you defeated me A question that keeps me awake,Why didn't you fight for me?

Season of Love

  Serene white veil spread across the bushes. It grew thicker and thicker for the flakes kept falling from heavens. Drowning shrubs paddled for a gasp of breath, knowing little that they sooner or later will, lie under a thick pack of light white flakes. Among them towards the far end something else faded rather... Continue Reading →

Few words well said

  Some words were so perfectly timed and artistically used that they will remain forever. Here's a list “The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid”. Jane Austen   “The dirtiest actions should be carried out by the most honest men.” From the novel... Continue Reading →

Guest Blog: 5 reasons why travelling solo may not be a good idea

“Travelling solo is the single best thing you can gift yourself”                                                                                       – anonymous   The travel bug continues to spread its venom deep into the blood of millennials. The young have become even more restless and a ‘solo trip’ has now entered their bucket list. Before you jump to an affirmative response to the... Continue Reading →

Pride-For all we do

  Ten feet under and twenty above. She was pitching heavily and couldn’t see the bow.   On bridge I stood, holding the helm. Though safe in there, still felt the grim.   Cirrus filaments heading towards danger, More beautiful than said, but I had a ship to steer   Miles off the coast, into... Continue Reading →

Story- War then, War within

He gazed upon soil tremble with every explosion. Their beautiful alignment after each tremor gave him a smile, a smirk rather. It made him think of his father. Emerging smoke spread out like a veil and with no breeze to blow them off, it just got thicker and thicker.  Though completely aware of his near... Continue Reading →

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