She just wont stop!


“It’s dangerous”

“I know”

“You might get hurt”

“It could be far worse”

“As much as I love your honesty, sometimes I don’t want you to be”

She gave a look, arched brows and bluish, almond-shaped eyes, looking straight through him, piercing him. She was ready and confident like never before. He could say no more, it was that part where he’d surrender.  Surrender for the intensity, not for him, but for her passion.

Glancing away he said “Don’t be late for dinner” with a tight-lipped sheepish smile.



Hopped on her board, kissed the beach and Paddle! Paddle! Paddle! to ride the wave, only this time a catastrophic one.

It’s a long way up, she propelled like a machine. Nobody thought she’d make that far, but there she was!

Then it happened. Her board flipped meters high off the crest, with her not on it.

Waves crushed her skull and they kept coming, one after the other.

All she then remember was a hand pulling her up and a high torque machine (coast guard jet ski of course), tossing her ashore and speeding away

She looked up, coughing out water. He stood there, smiling.

For he knew she’s not gonna stop no matter what!









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